You want your event to be different - we do too.

You want your event to have the most buttoned-up person in the room dancing - we do too. You want your guests to walk out of your party with sore cheeks from smiling and sore feet from grooving - we do too.


At Seniour Events, we’re trained to do all of the above & more. With nearly ten years of disc jockey experience under our belts, we aren't the guys with a bluetooth speaker ready to hog the mic and play The Electric Slide two times too many. With Seniour Events, you’ll get real music mixed to perfection with you and your guests in mind; not a shuffled playlist, a cover band or “whatever’s on the radio today.” 


Just an evening of music people want to listen to, the party of your dreams and memories you’ll always want to hold onto.

Does that sound good? If so, 

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