Wedding DJs, Reimagined


You've never seen a "Wedding DJ" like this.

No more corny DJs

Seriously, we've all been to weddings where the DJ was corny, unprofessional, and frankly - terrible at DJing. No more. All other aspects of modern weddings have changed over the last 20 years - so why hasn't the most important part of the reception changed as well?





Enter Seniour Events

Modern, Professional, and Highly-Skilled

The days of unwanted microphone commentary, unprofessional setups/appearances, & just flat-out bad DJs are over. The most important part of your wedding reception deserves the most expertise. At Seniour Events, our purpose is two-fold:

  1. Make planning for your big day as easy & hassle-free as possible.

  2. Make your wedding reception the most fun reception your guests have ever been to!

We look forward to working with you!


Seniour Events

Evansville, IN Wedding DJs

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